John Allen Cassady
JC Rocks John at Kerouac Fest - 2006

John Goes "On The Road"

Cassady and Hedlund
John jams with Garrent Hedlund
who plays Neal Cassady in On The Road
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Singer/songwriter, musician and author John Allen Cassady is the son of Neal Cassady, a writer and well known figure in the Beat and Psychedelic movements. John's mother, Carolyn Cassady, was an award winning artist and writer. Her book Off the Road, about her life with Neal and author Jack Kerouac, was re-released in 2007 by Black Spring Press.

With Beat Museum owner Jerry Cimino, John traveled in the Beat Museum on Wheels, with a multimedia show that incorporates video, slides, poetry readings, music and storytelling to share the story of the Beats with colleges and universities.

After working as a computer engineer in Silicon Valley for more than 20 years, John is currently writing a book about his father.

Cassady on Music

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